Beyond Achievement



May 9-10, 2024

As an Ivy League woman,

you know what it’s like

to push, perfect and perform 

at the top level. 

And despite hitting 

every mile marker of success,

enough is never enough.

Join us on May 9 and 10, 2024

as we come together and connect in a way that feels soul-nourishing and authentically inspiring.








“Thank you for this event and experience. I came in with an open mind and am so glad I stuck with it. Met the most inspirational people. You ARE strong. WE are strong!

Diana Y.

Glad to see more women admitting that we can’t do it all, all of the time, all at once.

Dianne J.

May 9, 2024

Panelist Discussion & Happy Hour

6:30 PM ET  Welcome

6:45 PM ET  Panel Discussion: Breaking the Rules to Discover Fulfillment

7:15 PM ET  Interactive Breakouts led by Expert Panelists

8:15 PM ET  Conclusion

May 10, 2024

Deep Dive Sessions & Interactive Breakouts

12:00 PM ET  Welcome: The Truth No One Told You

12:30 PM ET  A Simple Framework to Improve Your Relationship with Money with Crystal Flores

1:00 PM ET  Interactive Breakouts

1:45 PM ET The ABCs They Never Taught You In School: Your True Path to Fulfillment with Sydel Vinita Howell

2:20 PM ET Interactive Breakouts 

2:50 PM ET General Session

3:30 PM ET Summit Concludes


8 Amazing Speakers    –  2 Days of Inspired Conversations

Meet Your Sisters In the Spotlight:

Crystal Flores

Financial Expert and Money Mindset Coach

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Marnie Rosenberg

Career & Leadership Coach, The Crossroads Coach

Princeton University

Kirsten Parker

Decision Making Expert & Coach, Decision Masters

Yale University

Natasha Charles

Investor and Intuitive Coach

University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School of Business at UPenn

Lauren Balukjian

Founder, Ivy League Sisters

Dartmouth College

Sarah Sher

CMO, Ivy League Sisters

Cornell University and Johnson School of Management at Cornell

Sydel Vinita

Catalyst Coach & Wellness Expert

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton

Ianna Raim

Leadership & Executive Coach

Brown University & Harvard Business School

Wendy Tamis Robbins

Wellness Expert & Transformational Coach

Dartmouth College

Together, we will explore how to

Lead Your Life with Authenticity and Healthy Boundaries

Manage Your Mental Health Even When Overwhelmed

Maintain Confidence Even When Facing Imposter Syndrome

Build Deep Connection and Belonging with Like-Minded Women

Ivy League Women are disrupters and trailblazers

Dear Sister,


As a graduate from an elite college, you know what it’s like to pushperfect and perform at the top level.  And despite hitting every mile marker of success, enough is never enough.

It’s time to take off the veil of perfection and get messy. For far too long we’ve been conditioned to hold it all together without a hint of vulnerability.

The veil of perfection is not only costing us our physical and mental health, but is also dangerously hiding our scars that keep us from facing the mirror and living our true purpose.

Join me and your amazing Sisters who await your arrival with open arms.

Your Ivy Sister,
Lauren Balukjian, Dartmouth ’06, Founder of Ivy League Sisters

The summit empowered simple connections among like-minded women. It was powerful to discover how universal our challenges are despite our age / career / geographic differences. I’m excited to learn from and discover more about my new contacts and Ivy Sisters.

Alexandra G.

It was a unique experience to have so many women with similar experiences speak candidly about the joys and curse of the Ivy degree and all of the (unreasonable) expectations that we put on ourselves.

Michelle I.


When and where is the event happenning?

The event is happening on May 9 (6:30-8:15pm ET) and May 10 (12:00-3:30pm ET) on Zoom. 

We expect women from all over the world to join us. You will receive the zoom link upon registration.

Is there a cost for the event?

The event is completely free and you can join from anywhere in the world. 

The event takes place on Zoom and on May 9 and 10, 2024.  

What if I can't make it both days

That’s OK!  All registrants will receive the Summit replay.

You’re welcome to come and go to the sessions that suit your schedule and needs best.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes, the main sessions featuring our speakers will be recorded and distributed to all registrants.

The private breakouts rooms will not be recorded.  This is to protect the confidentiality of the participants.

Is there attendee participation?

Yes!  The premise of this event is to build meaningful connections and have deep conversations with other women. 

There will be time and space to connect in small breakout groups with other women throughout both days.

Do I need to bring anything to the event?

Yes, please bring a journal and pen.  There will be exercises requiring you to write and capture your thoughts and insights. 

Can non-Ivy league women attend?

This event is specifically geared for women who have a graduate or undergraduate degree from an Ivy League School. With that said, we will not be checking degrees at the door 😉

Why are you focusing this event on Ivy League Women?

The intention is to create a safe space for Ivy women to let down their guard and speak openly and freely about the expectations and pressures we share as women having gone to an Ivy League school.

Can I invite other Ivy Women?

Yes, you are encouraged to spread the word and invite Ivy Sisters!  We want to see how far and wide we can stretch our circle globally.

Please use this link to spread the word:

Is this event for women only?

We value inclusivity and diversity. This event is for women, allies, non-binary, and those who identify as a woman.

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